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Easily create your own personal website to market your resume, portfolio, blog, certifications, and much more! Two Way Resume is the complete system for developing your online presence and establishing your brand.

With over eight professionally developed themes and hundreds of available customizations and color options, Two Way Resume caters to professionals, students, entrepreneurs, freelancers, resume writers, and everybody in between.

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We've re-invented the personal website. We've challenged the norms. No longer will you be stuck with plain black and white words on paper. We've combined the resume, portfolio, and blog into one awesome concoction that will solidify your online presence forever. Let's build your personal online brand as it's safe to say the internet is not going anywhere. What is your online presence saying about you?

Two Way Resume is the first exclusive service that allows you to create your personal, individualized website featuring your resume, portfolio, blog & more to market yourself to the world.


A recent study showed that 90% of first impressions are now made online. People, recruiters, potential colleagues, are not waiting to meet you in person, they are performing online searches to dig up information on you prior to even scheduling a meeting. Are you on the job hunt? Did you know in 2013 74% of recruiters admitted to doing an online search on a candidate prior to even looking at their resume or portfolio? Furthermore, over 35% of recruiters admitted to completely eliminating a candidate prior to even an interview just based on their online presence, or lack of one.

An online presence (and personal website) is critical in this day and age and it's only going to become more expected. Ready to start building your online brand? Two Way Resume can get you setup with a personal website in minutes!


Two Way Resume is the easiest platform on the planet for creating a personal website. No need for annoying drag and drop editors, nothing to design, code, or organize. Just simple fields you can either paste into or import directly from LinkedIn. Once the information is entered, our system does the rest creating your beautiful website automatically.

Just because it's easy, doesn't mean it's not packed with features! Add portfolio items complete with galleries, videos, & documents. Add blog posts to share your recent accomplishments & happenings. Change your theme, set your color scheme, upload your own background image. All of this and more is possible through our simple to use Two Way Resume control panel.

Key Benefits

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All Inclusive Personal Website

The only website builder on the internet specifically designed for personal resume and portfolio websites. Have your personal website up and running in minutes. Our paid packages include your own personal domain name ( Creating a personal website to build your online presence shouldn't be hard and shouldn't cost thousands and we're proud to say it doesn't!

Design A Beautiful Site

Nine (and counting) beautiful, modern themes to choose from. Completely responsive design to look great on mobile and tablet devices. Add your background image, add portfolio items complete with image galleries and video, add blog posts, certifications, it's all a breeze with the Two Way Resume control panel. Building a modern personal website has never been easier.
Beautiful Resume Website
Resume Builder Control Panel

Simple Control Panel

Simply plugin your information, our system does the rest! Packed with great features such as Authorized Users, Site Password Protection, LinkedIn Import, Resume Download, and more; Two Way Resume is simply the best platform on the internet for building a personal website. Even switching your entire website is a breeze, want to change themes? Awesome! Our system will pipe all your resume and portfolio information from your old theme to the new.

Track Statistics

Want to see who's visiting your site? Now you can! We leverage the power of Google Analytics to provide up to the minute statistics for your personal website. Know who's visiting your site, where they're coming from, how long they're staying, and even the most popular portfolio item they are viewing all from the comfort of your control panel.
Track Resume Statistics

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Creating your online presence & personal brand is essential in today's world.

Nine (and counting)

Beautiful Themes

Designed from scratch, just for you! Our Nine (and counting) themes make your website instantly beautiful! Switch your theme as often as you like, your website data will carry over automatically from theme to theme.

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The majority of first impressions now occur online. What is your online presence saying?

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Did you know? 90% of first impressions are now made online!

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