Changes In 2017 – What Recruiters Are Looking For When Hiring

Oct 09, 2017

It’s been a hot job market thus far in 2017. Lots of opportunity but also lots of competition. Have you applied for a new position in 2017? Or maybe you’re thinking about making your first move? Regardless, here are some top hiring trends in 2017 that should assist you in knowing what recruiting managers are looking for before walking in the door.


1. Top Factors For A Great Candidate

Experience rules all. The first thing recruiters are looking for is experience performing the job. Showing that you have the abilities and pre-requisites will likely get you your first interview. Next up, Culture Fit. Do you fit in with the current team? Culture Fit is nearly as important as experience. Why? If you don’t mesh with the existing team, you’ll likely not be sticking around for long. Improper fits result in quick turnover, which can cost the company a lot of money. To close out the top factors, third on the list is Employee Referral. Receiving a recommendation from an existing employee can get you a long way. It immediately provides insight into point two listed above regarding Culture Fit. Your experience will be the final determining factor but a referral will definitely get your foot in the door.


2. Social Media

Yes, your social media channels are becoming more and more prevalent in the job search. In a recent study, 94% of hiring managers admitted to using social media to find out additional information on a perspective employer. Not surprisingly, finding images of excessive drinking, drugs, partying, political rants, and other strongly opinionated posts had a negative impact on that persons chances of getting hired. Surprisingly, the lack of social media profiles also hurt the potential candidate. Meaning, employers like candidates to have social media but like to see it properly managed and showcasing a positive lifestyle.


3. Portfolios & Work Examples

Following up on point #1, experience rules all. Experience can be drawn and proved from multiple sources. The most obvious source is your past work experience if the position your applying for involves a similar role. However, experience can also be drawn from a portfolio of your work, blog posts, and other content drafted by you. Creating a personal website that allows you to express yourself and upload your work samples, can be a huge benefit in satisfying the requirement of ‘Experience Rules All’. Furthermore, a personal website like the one created on Two Way Resume can help suppress negative social media profiles that may exist while simultaneously promoting the material you hope recruiters will find online (work experience, portfolio, blog, etc.).


4. Don’t Do These Things

If you are lucky enough to land that first interview, it’s time to get prepared. Practicing interview questions, picking out your attire, and studying up on the job requirements are musts. We’ve also compiled a list of what not to do during the interview:

  • Don’t Be Rude – This includes talking with the receptionist, doorman, anybody you come in contact with. Be polite and respectful.
  • Don’t Check Your Phone – It’s rude and inconsiderate to the interviewer. Give them your full attention.
  • Be On Time – It’s another part of being respectful and showing that they have your full attention.
  • Be Clean – We’re talking personal hygiene. Look professional and smell good!
  • Don’t Bring Food – Eat before, be prepared for your interview.
  • Dress For The Job – It’s better to overdress than underdress.


5. More Guidance

Looking for more help? Continue reading with other articles on how to create your online resume website and better your chances of landing your dream job:


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