Is LinkedIn Enough? The Secret To Establishing Your Personal Brand

Jul 09, 2016

Is LinkedIn Enough? The Secret To Establishing Your Personal Brand

If you’ve been following this presidential election, you may remember the Jeb Bush campaign blunder last December where the campaign team forgot to register the domain name  Which the Donald Trump campaign quickly capitalized on by redirecting to  Somebody probably lost their job on that one…

While we’re not all running for president, the importance of establishing your online brand complete with your own custom domain name ( has never been more important.  We live in a technology age where almost 85% of first impressions are now made online.  We all know how many times you get to make a first impression.  What is your online presence & personal brand saying about you?  Do you have your own corner of their internet that portrays your expertise, experience, and style?  What shows up when people try to find you on Google?

Two Way Resume is a personal resume & website service that allows you to establish your online brand now, and into the future.  Unlike LinkedIn, Two Way Resume is not a social network, it’s not another platform that you have to be active on or constantly check.  It’s a platform where you can establish your online presence in as little as five minutes and watch as it matures into a brand that you can be proud of.

What kind of features does Two Way Resume include?  Let’s have a look:

  • Your Own Resume, Portfolio, & Blog Website – This is not a LinkedIn profile.  This is a custom website complete with your own custom domain (your where you can set the theme, set customizable options, define your color scheme, background image, and so much more.  With 8+ themes and hundreds of color combinations it’s easy to give your personal brand a custom look that defines you.
  • Export Resume To PDF – After adding your resume information (or importing from LinkedIn), the Two Way Resume platform can export your information to a beautiful PDF document that you can print or upload.  Select from multiple PDF templates with hundreds of color combinations.  It’s never been easier to establish your complete personal brand with a website & PDF resume.
  • Portfolio & Blog – Add your portfolio of work or projects, write blog posts, and so much more.  This is your own personal website.  Add content that defines and promotes you.
  • The features don’t end there.  Advanced search engine optimization, privacy options, site statistics and so much more are all included.  This is the complete personal branding system packed into one simple to use platform that takes minutes to setup.

How do you get started?  Get signed up instantly at  Select the free plan and pay nothing, ever!  Or upgrade to a Two Way Resume premium plan for pennies a day and score your own custom domain name.

Establishing your online brand by creating your personal website has never been more important.  We are entering a technology focused era where nearly all first (and second) impressions will be occurring online.  Be on the cutting edge by establishing your personal website and owning your custom domain.

Have a question?  Need help?  Email us at and we would be happy to assist you.

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Did you know? 90% of first impressions are now made online!

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