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    Do I need a written resume to create a Two Way Resume?

    We recommend having a written resume created in a Word, PDF, or similar document type prior to creating your Two Way Resume. If this is available then creating your Two Way Resume will be as simple as copying and pasting. Alternatively, we can also import your work & education experience from your LinkedIn profile. Either works!

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    Is this just for job searchers?

    Absolutely not! Two Way Resume is recommended for anybody who wants to better their online presence. Whether you need to showcase your resume, share your portfolio of projects with the world, or just want a great looking blog, Two Way Resume is for you! Unfortunately many people cancel their Two Way Resume service after finding a job, this is not the way to do it! You will have just deleted the great online presence you took so long creating. We realize there is a fee involved but we have attempted to make it as small as possible so you can keep your website online year after year.

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    I want to sign-up but I already have a domain name registered with another company, can I use it?

    Absolutely! Head on over to our checkout page and make sure you select one of our PAID plans (the free plan does not allow you to use your own domain), during the process you will have the ability to either take us up on our FREE domain, or use your existing. We will give you specific instructions in your welcome email on how to point your existing domain to the Two Way Resume servers.

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    If I later want to use my domain name for something else, will you allow me to transfer it away?

    Of course. Just let us know. You will be responsible for any fees related to the transfer process and any renewal fee with the new registrar.

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    I'm a professional resume writer. Can I use this for my clients?

    Our services were designed with you in mind! Setup the site for your client and do all the customization work. Then simply add them as a new user to the account. They will be able to login and take over the site, change the billing over to their credit card, and even make additional changes over time. For more information, see our Executive Resume Writer page.

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    I have an interview tomorrow. How long does the whole process take to get my website online?

    The registration and activation process is instant. If you are signing up for one of our premium accounts, it usually takes a couple hours for the domain propagation to take effect but we try to make this as quick as possible!

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    I want to sign-up, how can I pay?

    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

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