What Are LinkedIn Alternatives? Create A Personal Website

Jun 13, 2016

What Are LinkedIn Alternatives? Create A Personal Website

June 13, 2016
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Are you looking for LinkedIn alternatives? Or a service to compliment your LinkedIn profile in a more creative and personal way? Two Way Resume is the perfect alternative or compliment to your existing LinkedIn profile.

What separates Two Way Resume from LinkedIn? Why is it a good alternative to LinkedIn? How can a Two Way Resume better your online presence and help you land your dream job? We’ve compiled a guide to help you understand how Two Way Resume can be beneficial in your job search and establishing your online brand.


1. Two Way Resume Is All About You

LinkedIn can be overwhelming. It’s not really your personal profile and resume, it’s more of a social network. You’re hit with ads, “friends” you barely know and their recent accomplishments, news articles you’re uninterested in, it can be easy to lose focus.

Two Way Resume is all about you. There’s no ads, there’s no “connecting”, “friending”, nobody is going to judge you on your connections. Two Way Resume puts you, the client first and foremost. Our control panel and templates are designed to allow you to put your best foot forward. Let your skills and accomplishments shine.


2. Two Way Resume Is Customizable

Let’s face it, every LinkedIn profile is basically the same. Yes, your experience is different, your accomplishments, your skills, but in the end it’s all displayed the same way, with the same ads, and the same boring calls to action. How is that supposed to set you apart in your job search?

Two Way Resume is customizable to you! Choose from nine and counting professionally designed themes. Uploaded your own background images, set your color scheme, add portfolio items, blog posts, and much more! Plus, get your own custom domain name (yourname.com). Don’t get stuck in the crowd, stand out with Two Way Resume and make a lasting impression on your websites visitors.


3. Establish Your Brand – Own Your Website

Two Way Resume is about establishing your brand, not just being another face on a social media platform. Two Way Resume can be linked to a custom domain name (yourname.com), it can contain your own privacy settings, it can contain multiple authorized users, it provides analytics data on who is visiting your website, it’s so much more than a social network. Two Way Resume is a feature rich platform that expands on your typical LinkedIn data to establish your personal brand.


4. We’re Here For You

Two Way Resume includes your own support team. When you sign-up on our platform, you get our team to help you build your online brand. We’re a small but powerful group who has been running Two Way Resume since 2011. We take every suggestion, feature request, or comment and it goes on our large whiteboard for discussion and possible implementation.

In closing, Two Way Resume is a great alternative to a typical LinkedIn profile but that doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t have both). LinkedIn is a great social connection platform for the business world and something you should probably have to complement your Two Way Resume. If you’re truly serious about presenting yourself in the best possible way, Two Way Resume should be as high on your to do list (if not higher) than your LinkedIn profile.

Sign-up for Two Way Resume today, it’s completely free to get started and premium plans start off at less than $4/month and include your own custom domain name.

We hope to see you soon!

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