How To Make The Jobs Come To You

Jun 01, 2017

It’s the ultimate goal right?  Rather than experiencing the unknowns of a job search, the jobs come directly to you.  Todays job market is hot and unemployment rates are at all time lows leaving you as the job seeker holding some extra cards in your hand.  How do you play them?  The key to making the jobs come to you is personal branding.

What is a personal brand?  In simplest form, a brand is a recognized name.  In an individuals case, it’s a name that people think of when they here a request for a service.  Building your business reputation establishes your person brand.  For people who have already seen you an action, your brand has been engraved in their memory.  However, the world is a big place and in order to make the jobs come to you, it’s important to ensure you have some electronic branding elements in place.

Here is the ultimate guide to establishing your personal brand and making the jobs come to you.

The best way to create your personal brand is through social networks (LinkedIn) and a personal website.  Here at Two Way Resume, we have a great system in place for students & recent graduates, professionals, creatives, and everybody in between.

When you begin to create your profiles & website, try answering these three questions and utilizing them to create your brand:


What Problem Do You Solve?

Every business has a problem they are looking to solve.  The business relies on people or services to solve those problems.  The sooner you are able to identify which problems you can solve, the sooner you will realize your true potential as a candidate.  A business will look at every hire to determine whether the expense (your salary) will deliver a positive return on their investment.  As a candidate, you should hope to have at least one (hopefully multiple) benefits to the company.  Some examples of benefits you may have to a company could include:

  • Increase Profits
  • Decrease Time
  • Decrease Labor
  • Improve Efficiency

Your resume, past experience, or degree will not solely land you any job unless a business can tell how it will benefit their situation.

Based on your experiences, prove to companies that you’ve had success in ways that will show your benefit.  Maybe you’ve implemented software that increased efficiency.  Maybe you mastered your sales territory and increased profits.  Or maybe you are able to fulfill two job openings in the company due to your skill set.  Associating your name with benefits establishes your personal brand.


How Have I Exceeded Expectations?

Companies dislike turnover.  It costs them thousands of dollars in training and wasted time.  Companies want to ensure that you not only contain a skill set they will benefit from but also that you have the drive to exceed the expectations that you’d laid out for yourself.

An important part about building your personal brand is conveying where and when you’ve exceeded expectations laid out by yourself or your employer.  Be specific, provide specific examples and explain why you will be able to do it again.

As you continue to achieve impressive results, do a case study and add it as a portfolio item on Two Way Resume.  Or create a blog post that conveys what you were able to achieve.  You can then link to those portfolio items or blog posts from your resume.


What Compliments Do You Regularly Receive?

Many people brush off compliments and do not fully appreciate what they mean.  Find patterns in the compliments you receive which will help you better understand what type of an asset you are to a potential company.  Feed off those compliments and find ways to even further benefit a company within the same areas.  This will further your competitive advantage and will begin to define your brand.  Convey these successes on your portfolio, blog, and resume.


Mesh It All Together

If you want businesses competing for you, it’s important to tell them why they need you rather than waiting for them to realize it themselves.  Once you establish your brand for bringing a competitive advantage to the table, your job searching will no longer be a task you dread but a task you look forward to.

Ready to get started building your personal resume website, portfolio, & blog.  Get started on Two Way Resume for free!  Or sign-up for a premium plan and lock in your own custom domain name to complete your branding experience.

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