Tips For Crafting The Perfect Resume For 2017

Nov 27, 2016

With 2017 right around the corner, many people take the holidays to reflect on the previous years work and their future within their current position. If you decide to make one of your New Years resolutions finding new employment here are some great tips to craft the perfect resume:


It’s Time To Go Visual

Our brains process visual graphics 60,000 times faster than words. If you are still using a plain Word formatted resume with black text, it’s time to incorporate some graphics. Change your layout, add a profile image, and share your personality.


Culture Is Important

In a recent survey, 67% of recruiters said that culture fit was of high importance. By this we mean how likely you are to mesh with the existing employees in the company. A better fit reduces company turnover and effectively increases employee production. When you are writing your resume, let your personality shine through. Your resume is no longer just about what you have done but also how you did it. Two applicants with the same qualifications but one has a resume that emits a great culture fit will be favored over the other.


Your Personal Website Is Important

Continuing on the culture and personality tip, your personal Two Way Resume website needs to be top notch. Recruiters continue to state that a personal website is the #1 most important tool an applicant can have. Not only does it provide a convenient, dedicated location to share your resume, portfolio, blog, & more, it also conveys personality & your experiences.


Remove Filler Words

Get to the point and use examples instead of general terms. Filler words can be terms like:

  • Professional
  • Success
  • Results

All of these words will be on every applicants resume and therefore does not differentiate you. To use this as an example, rather than saying “I’ve had great success in my profession”, you can instead use a specific example of where you’ve had success.


Follow Up On All Submissions

Always, always, always follow up on all of your submissions. Recruiters state that 59% of applicants do not follow up on their applications. Following up not only reiterates your interest but also puts you in a leading position for other positions should you not get the initial job.


In Closing

This upcoming year there is a projected TALENT SHORTAGE for open positions. Combine that with the lowest unemployment rate since 2008 and we’re going to see employers fighting over top talent. You, the employee, will be in the drivers seat if you take the time to craft and touch up your resume with the before mentioned tips.

Here at Two Way Resume, we wish you success in 2017 and we hope to be an asset on your team for years to come.

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