The Importance Of Owning Your Name (by owning your domain name)

Mar 13, 2016

The Importance Of Owning Your Name (by owning your domain name)

March 13, 2016
Web Presence

With the presidential election in full swing, many of you may have heard the story that covered headlines in December regarding redirecting to If you didn’t catch the story, here’s a quick overview:

The Jeb Bush presidential campaign was using the domain as their primary domain. One would think that with your name literally on the line for president, somebody in Jeb’s campaign team would have though, “Hey, maybe we should register”. You would have thought wrong. It’s well known that Donald Trump likes to make a splash so what did he do? He went out and found the domain, registered it, and now when somebody enters, it redirects the visitor to

So why are we writing about this on Two Way Resume? This article is in no way political, it’s about the importance of owning your online presence. We often get the pre-sale question, “Can I cancel this service at any time or am I locked into a contraction?”. Of course our clients can cancel their account at any time, but why would you want to? You have to look at the bigger picture of owing your online presence by owning your domain. Do you think the internet is going away? Do you think less people are going to be registering their own personal domain name? We don’t think so either. Maintaining your Two Way Resume website and domain name should be one of your top priorities. Whether you are actively job searching, working as a freelancer, or loving your job and every aspect of your life, a personal domain name locks you in to owning your online presence.

Sign-up for a Two Way resume account today and we’ll register your personal domain name for free! Lock in your piece of the internet, let’s Get Started.

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