Recruiting On Facebook Is More Popular Than You Think

Feb 18, 2017

Many consider Facebook to be a social media tool between friends and family. However, many don’t realize how frequently recruiters are using the massive presence to help find candidates. Don’t believe me? Here are some facts:

According to Statista, 44% of U.S. Facebook users report checking their social media feed several times per day. This is far greater than the 10% of LinkedIn users that only check their account once per day. A larger reach and higher engagements is what recruiters are always looking for.


What does this mean for you?

Facebook Job Postings

In 2017, Facebook will be testing a job posting functionality. This feature will be added to company pages allowing business owners to add details like job title, salary, skills, and more directly on Facebook. These job posting will display within the companies status updates and also be searchable through Facebook’s search interface.

Promoted Job Openings

Expect to see more promoted job openings on Facebook in 2017. This can be a very effective way for companies to reach specific individuals through Facebook’s intensive targeting. It will likely become common practice for companies to sponsor a post related to a job opening.


Establish A Personal Website

With recruiters using Facebook to find potential candidates, it’s important that they can find additional information about you without having to reach out via email or messenger. Create a personal resume and portfolio website where recruiters can go to find your past experience, education background, certifications, and portfolio (if it relates to your career). This personal website address can be added to your Facebook profile in the About section. Guiding recruiters to what you want them to find can help avoid the not-as-professional content that is sometimes available on Facebook. Two Way Resume is a great service to utilize to build your personal website and includes a professional custom website address such as


Know Your Privacy Settings

Every time you post a photo or status to Facebook, make sure you are watching your privacy settings. You can set each status to be public or private based on the content of the post. It is important to note that the following aspects of your Facebook profile are always public:

  • profile picture
  • cover photo
  • schools
  • workplaces you’ve listed

Ensuring more personal statuses remain private can assist in creating a better Facebook recruiting profile that better supports your job search.


We’re Better Connected Than Ever

Recruiters are searching for the best talent available and they are using a plethora of networks to do so. Facebook users are more connected than ever so it’s no wonder it is becoming more popular than LinkedIn to find potential candidates. It’s important to establish a great presence on Facebook and even more important, a great personal resume website to direct recruiters to. This personal website will act as your central hub for all things you want recruiters to find.

Wishing you the best with your job search in 2017 and beyond.

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Did you know? 90% of first impressions are now made online!

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