Sculpting Your Personal Brand: Website CV A Critical Move

Feb 11, 2017

When we think of branding, most individuals think business.  A business needs branding to distinguish itself from the competition and create a memorable experience to its customers.  However, branding can and should also relate to individuals.  Think about it, what’s your goal in an interview?  It should be to distinguish yourself from the competition and create a memorable experience.

Obtaining a college degree and putting forward a standard resume is no longer enough to provide a cutting edge; firmly establishing an individual identity and brand for oneself before approaching potential employers and recruiters is what ultimately tips the scale in the employment market.

When approaching the rapidly-developing commercial market of the digital era, the optimal approach, arguably, towards landing lucrative employment and promotional opportunities might whittle down to how effectively you manage to sell yourself.


1. Establishing your personal brand

Perhaps the most crucial step when sculpting your personal brand is establishing its very foundation. This would involve some time devoted towards thought-provoking self insight, and charting out where you wish to guide your personal identity and branding.

Firmly establishing your personal brand might have a lot to do with your preferred field of profession, and your individual skill-set. Which skills are you directly capable of offering? Have you specialized in a specific subject matter? What valuable insight can you outright add to any workforce?

If you have past work experience, or have a few internships under your belt, ensure that your prior experience and personal branding follow a coherent pattern. If you happen to be studying in college as of now: it should be a good time to select a specific field of interest, and scavenge for relevant internships.


2. Creating a personal resume website

The next immediate step should involve constructing and maintaining a personal resume website.

Standard resume-showcasing networks might not provide the edge a personal CV website might offer. Services such as Two Way Resume proffer feature-rich platforms; if you opt to generate your personal website with the aid of Two Way Resume, you will be given the option to flexibly customize your website to best fit your personal branding. With the help of this resume-website builder, place your brand’s philosophy, vision, and your personal skill-set above any unnecessary details, and allow potential investors and employers to associate your resume as an original, distinctive, and uncluttered brand apart from the rest.

This will also aid in showcasing your dexterity with maintaining a significant and meaningful digital footprint. Contemporary employers search for flexible, adaptable employees, and a note-worthy online presence can pay testament to these skills.


3. Putting forward a distinct persona and statement

Your personal branding should stand as a reflection of your long-term business aims. With a CV-website maintained, and the basics of your professional-leanings firmly established, it is now time to focus on ensuring your brand sticks in the minds of others.

What does your personal brand stand for? For instance, if you wish to work in terms of insurance, your personal branding should be that of dependability, reliance, and consistency. If you offer services relating to Human Resources, exhibit your analytical skills, your efficiency, and any oratory or written communicative skills you might possess.

Top your personality with a resounding, catchy statement. This might depend largely on how well you have managed to maintain networks – college, and career-wise. Recruiters tend to focus on substantive individuals that present clear networking promise. Not only does it exhibit team-working skills, but it also goes to show how serious an individual is regarding the corporate sphere.

As crucial as having a long-term plan may be, it is just as essential to establish a distinctive edge for oneself; and personal branding manages to accomplish just that.

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