Resume Website Plus PDF Resume / CV Export – New Feature

Aug 01, 2016

Resume Website Plus PDF Resume / CV Export – New Feature

August 1, 2016
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Two weeks ago we were excited to take our PDF resume export feature out of beta and make it live to all Two Way Resume users! We’ve released our PDF export with three templates, two of which are only available to premium users.


One of our most requested features, you can now take your professional Two Way Resume website and immediately download it in any available PDF CV template. Every PDF template is available in at least five color schemes to let you customize it and make it your own.

This feature also enables you to automatically add a downloadable resume to your personal CV website. Prior to this feature, you only had the option of uploading an already crafted resume document to your site. Now with our PDF generator in place, you can instantly add an auto-generated resume and make it available to download. Every time your resume website is updated, so is your PDF version, convenient right?

Here at Two Way Resume we’re continuing to adapt and expand our feature base for our users & customers. We’re eager to stay on the cutting edge of technology which is showcased in our innovative products and rock solid support.

We hope you continue to use Two Way Resume to establish your online presence and create your personal brand.

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