Should You Take A Corporate Job Out of College? YES!

Nov 04, 2015

Should You Take A Corporate Job Out of College? YES!

November 4, 2015
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If you’re a recent college graduate, chances are you’ve juggled the idea of taking that corporate job right out of college. You’ve been weighing the positive and negatives and reading the articles on “Elite Daily” telling you to not get tied down and instead live a free life full of travel.

If that’s the mindset you want to move forward with, so be it but I’m here to share a different vision. My vision is one where the corporate entry level job is not all bad. Actually it’s quite good.

I was (and am) a huge traveler. It’s the #1 most important thing in my life. I studied abroad a semester in College, I’ve traveled to almost every continent and I’m 25 years old with a corporate job. Why did I take it?

I graduated college full of ambition. I had learned all I needed to learn and I was ready to put it into action. Truth be told, I lived my college years full of so much energy that it was almost a four year vacation. Why did I need to take another year off and travel the world?


So what’s my vision?

When you’re young, educated, and full of ambition, take that entry level job! Put in the hours, do the hard work, and get that big name job on your resume. Gain the experience and the understanding of what it takes to succeed in a global environment. Understand what it takes to get hired, get acclimated, and keep a job with strict hours, vacation days, and an upper level boss. The knowledge you gain from the first couple years of employment will guide you through the rest of your business life.


But what about travel? You said it was important.

Most look at a corporate job as a tie down. As a place you will work for the rest of your life but it doesn’t have to be seen that way. If you talk to most upper level executives, they’ve left many corporate jobs in the past. Many of them have probably worked (and been fired) from the same company they are now upper level management in. Getting your foot in the door is the hardest aspect, returning after leaving on good terms is a breeze.

So take that corporate job out of college and get your foot in the door but have an exit plan. Have a time in your life (in your twenties or early thirties) where you plan to take a hiatus. Go on that year vacation. Go travel the world. Go sail a boat through the Caribbean. You will be more prepared financially for the trip and you will be even more prepared experience wise to return to the business environment.


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