Let Us Build and Customize Your Resume Site – New Addon

Mar 01, 2013

Let Us Build and Customize Your Resume Site – New Addon

March 1, 2013
New Service

Hey Everybody!

Thanks for the successful first week!  We’ve had tons of interest, not just signups but lots of emails in referring people, spreading the word, and other great aspects that will hopefully lead to a viral outbreak!

Two Way Resume would like to introduce a new service addon moving into the future.  We know our service is super easy to use but any time you’re creating a website, it is going to take a little time and some people, just don’t have any of that!  Which is why we’ve created our new build and customize addon!  The cost is an extra $20 setup fee and we will build your entire online resume website for you.  You just simply send us over your resume in DOC or PDF form, along with a write-up about your background, and any pictures you want to put on your site and we’ll do the rest!  You will still have your control panel to do any editing and modifications as you see fit.

Basically, we are giving you your custom domain name, web hosting for a full year, a professionally designed resume portfolio website, and adding all the content for you for only $59 for the first year, and $39 per year after that!?!? Wow, I gotta raise the prices!

In the meantime, SIGN-UP!

Additional News

Did you know? 90% of first impressions are now made online!

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