Interactive Triangle Triforce lightbox

Interactive Triangle Triforce lightbox

This was a small project to design a small interactive light box, that could demonstrate how simple electronics work. I wanted to show that while micro controllers are great you do not need them in every application. So I decided on a triangle, due to its three flat sides I could easily make it change color and yet have a symmetrical image on the front. The tri-force logo was perfect to put in the center, because I not only enjoy Zelda but it will look the same no matter which was is facing “up”. I designed the whole thing from the ground up, in a 2D CAD program called CorelDraw. It uses a few strips of 12V RGB LEDS, with a simple barrel jack and 3 recycled mercury tilt switches. It stands 6 inches tall and is made from oil stained plywood and translucent acrylic for defusing the individual LEDS.


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