A simple Tablet holder

A simple Tablet holder

Soon after getting my Dodge Caliber I ran into a few problems I Wished to solve

  • No dedicated USB power
  • No good placed to put a phone/gps, without taking your eyes off the road
  • A silly 3.5mm audio cable┬áhanging out the front of the radio

The Caliber has a cubbie in the center of the dash, with a pop-up lid, not very useful but a decent attempt at the “sunglasses sliding out the window around the corner” problem. So I dedided to use the tablet that I already owned and make a few simple modifications to the car to make it easier to use. I first removed the lid from the cubbie and made a insert for it, then I mounted a USB just and audio cable. (I went thought a few prototypes of this) I also added a simple mod to the radio by soldering in female audio jack, this way I can route the cable though the dash, instead of it hanging out the front.

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