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1982 VW Vanagon Project - March 3


1982 VW Vanagon Project -

On January 14th 2017 I bought a 1982 VW Vanagon off a friend I met at Techshop. It “runs” by that I mean after a long cranking time the twin lawnmower engine fires to life in a cloud of fumes and smoke. This machine  left west Germany in 1981 and fought for 278,000 miles all over the west coast. It is tried, a bit rusty and wonderful. In the little I have drove this thing I have fallen in love, its not like driving a car, its like remote controlling a room that you just happen to be inside of. My goal is to have this converted to a water cooled Subaru H4 2.2L EJ22 motor, in 6 months time and have spent no more than 5,000 total on the van including purchasing cost in phase 1. 

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