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This interactive tutorial will guide you through the Two Way Resume control room. We'll show you the prominent features and how to find them. You can run this tour at any time by going to your home dashboard page and clicking the Play Interactive Tutorial button.

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LinkedIn Import

If you have a LinkedIn profile consider getting started by importing your information into Two Way Resume. You can find our LinkedIn Import tool on the left menu under Tools --> LinkedIn Import.

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You can also reference our simple step-by-step checklist to see tasks that you’ve completed, and recommended tasks that are still outstanding.

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View Live Website

After making changes, view your live website by clicking the blue button. This will open your website in a new browser tab.

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Set Theme Options

From the left menu, visit Theme Options to set your website theme. Your theme options define the look and feel of the site. Set the overall theme, change the color scheme, upload a custom background picture and more!

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General Information, Skills, Quotes & Recommendations

Visit Your Resume Info —> Summary, Skills, & More to begin setting up your profile. From this page you can set your general information such as email, phone, title, location, overview summary, and add your own headshot! You can also add favorite quotes & recommendations from colleagues.

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Education, Professional Experience & Certifications

Visit the left menu under Your Resume Info to define your past experience & education history. Add new experiences and re-order existing.

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Export or Downloadable PDF

Would you like to add a PDF version of your resume for people to download? It’s easy to upload an existing file you have or use our auto-generated PDF resume builder to have one created for you.

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Build Your Portfolio

Build a beautiful portfolio. Add image galleries, embed videos, and share your successes with your website visitors.

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Write A Blog

Share your accomplishments with your visitors. Add a blog to post your thoughts and share your personality with potential employers.

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Website Tools

Access site tools that include the ability to privacy protect your site (premium users) and add authorized users to co-manage.

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My Account

Manage your account, subscription, billing, passwords and more from your My Account & Billing menu.

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Thanks For Interacting!

You've reached the end of the tour. Now get out there and establish your personal brand with Two Way Resume! You can re-run this tour at any time by going to your dashboard home page and clicking the Play Interactive Tutorial button.

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