5 Easy Steps To Increase Your Chances Of Being Hired

Feb 26, 2017

Job searching can be a daunting task. It’s extra stress and work that you may feel you are not prepared to take on. However, there are some very simple steps you can take to greatly improve your chances of being responded to and hired on your initial outreaches.

Some of these steps may seem small, but when bundled together can create a lasting impression on hiring managers and HR professionals that can set you apart from the competition.

Ready to get that extra advantage in your job search? Let’s get started:


Let’s Put Together A Better Reference List

References can play a major part in the hiring process. You can toot your own horn all you want but hearing it from another person creates more credibility. While most hiring managers only expect names and contact information about your reference, it’s a nice touch to explain how you know them and what kind of feedback they will provide. An example might be:

“Employed by Jane Smith to be an inside sales representative. Worked closely and was mentored by Mrs. Smith to better understand my sales funnel and stay on top of leads.”

Instantly, you’ve provided critical information on what the hiring manager can expect to find out from Mrs. Smith.


Let’s Get Some Business Cards

When you leave an interview, hand over a business card. Yes, your contact information is probably already on your resume and hopefully your resume website (we’ll be getting to that soon) but another piece of paper that establishes your credibility and provides contact information is a sign you are serious about your job search.

On this business card, you should list your name, phone number, email address, personal resume website URL, and LinkedIn profile URL. Business cards can be purchased for about $10 from sites like Vistaprint.com.


Does Your Voicemail Have A Greeting?

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve called somebody only to hear the robot voice, “The phone number 999-999-9999 is not available. Please leave a message.”

Immediate thoughts: Did I reach the right person? If they are too lazy to provide a customized greeting, will they provide customized service in their work? It’s extremely impersonal and creates unnecessary doubt that is a quick fix.

Create a custom voicemail with your voice, thank them for calling you and let the person know you will call them back as soon as possible.


Create A Personal Website

The #1 most impressive tool a job applicant can have is a personal website. This website URL can be noted on your resume, your business card, and your LinkedIn profile. A personal website is a resource that YOU can control and keep updated with your newest information and experience.

Include additional resources the hiring manager can download in the form of portfolio items or references. Write blog posts about your life and your experience to portray your personality. Company culture is an important consideration these days and ensuring they are hiring individuals who will mesh with the existing teams is frequently considered.


Respond To Messages Immediately

Don’t give the potential employer time to ponder if they are going after the right candidate. They’ve already called you, expressed their interest, you need to get back with them ASAP. If you receive a voicemail or email, try to respond within the hour. Let them know you are serious about the offer. Even if you are still considering your response, let them know that you have received their correspondence and you will get back with them by a certain date and time.

Most of the above tasks you can take care of in about an hour and can play a critical role in your job search.

Here at Two Way Resume, we hope your 2017 is off to a fantastic start. Happy hunting!

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