Tips for Job Searching & Getting Noticed By Employers Out of College

Feb 04, 2015

Tips for Job Searching & Getting Noticed By Employers Out of College

So, you’re just fresh out of college? What do you do next? Look for a job of course.

A note of warning though – looking for a job in today’s competitive workforce is far from being easy. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution that will help job seekers to find their dream job. For you to truly stand out, you need to go way above and beyond just so your existence can be picked up by the radar of potential employers.

A lot of job seekers today, fresh graduates especially, wonder why they need to work hard for them to get the position that they want. After all, landing a job is supposed to be easy, right? Sadly, once employers put up job postings, it means they are searching for candidates with the most experience and strongest talents. For them, this serves as a guarantee that an applicant can be an asset and contribute to their company’s success immediately.

But don’t let a tough job market get your hopes down. In fact, there are several things that you can do during your job search to be more easily noticed by potential employees.

Building a Personal Resume & Portfolio Website

Based on an online survey, about 80% of job openings are not advertised and 56% of hiring managers are more impressed by personal websites of candidates compared to any other tool for personal branding.

If you want to get the attention of potential employers, creating your personal resume and portfolio website can surely go a long way. With the neck to neck competition in the job market, you have to make sure that you present yourself in the most impressive way to hiring managers as this can set you apart from the thousand other candidates vying for the position. You have to see to it that your skill sets are updated and showcased in a polished way. Self-promotion is the perfect way to do this and your personal website is just the right tool that you can use. By establishing your online presence as early as now, you can have a control on the things that hiring managers will find once they search for your name and skills.

Prepare the Right Cover Letter

What makes you different from other applicants? Why do you deserve an interview? If you want to be noticed, give your best shot by coming up with an interesting, effective and precise cover letter that will encourage potential employers to actually go through your resume (and find your personal website).

Do Your Homework

When applying for a certain position, make sure that you know every important fact about the organization. Know what they do and stay updated with the latest happenings in the company. This way, you will give an impression that you are really interested to be a part of their team long term.

Believe in Yourself

Nothing beats the wonders of having self-confidence. In the ferocious and competitive corporate world, you need to have faith in yourself.  Trust your instincts and the sky is the limit!

Additional News

Did you know? 90% of first impressions are now made online!

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